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The Archive

The Arnaldo Pomodoro Archive is located in Vicolo Lavandai, in a space that also houses the artist's studio, adjacent to the Foundation's exhibition gallery which oversees public access and consultation.

Considered an example of organization and reliability on an international level, the Archive is the point of reference for auction houses, galleries, foundations, university departments and scholars.

Thanks to constant checking and updating, information and materials related to Arnaldo Pomodoro’s works, bibliography and biography are added daily, taking care that no aspects useful for understanding his work are lost and that they are always available.

The ampleness of the Archive reflects the vastness of Pomodoro's artistic practices: there are materials related to his sculptural work, graphics, multiples, drawings, jewelry, design studies, set designs and applied arts. His handwritten notes and manuscripts, as well as his correspondence with artists and important cultural figures are also preserved and digitized. Particularly precious is the rich collection of press cuttings and films that document the activity of the Maestro.

The two largest sections of the Archive are:

  • the Photography Archive, which contains about 50,000 photographs of Pomodoro's works, exhibitions, studies and travels, from the 1950s to the present;
  • the Library, which collects the catalogs of personal and group exhibitions, monographs and books on the artist's work, as well as a collection of about 6,000 volumes of historical-artistic subjects and several series of specialist, national and international magazines.

The cataloging process began in the 50s, when Pomodoro began collecting press cuttings, documents and photographs related to his work. Since 1992 the management of all the information related to his works has been organized on a specific FileMaker database, implemented and customized over the years under the constant supervision of the artist. Thanks to this complex IT infrastructure, the Foundation published the Catalogue Raisonné online.

All materials are available to the public and industry professionals, students, researchers, collectors, galleries and auction houses, and can be accessed by appointment by sending a request to: [email protected].