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Interactive guided tour

Armed with a map and flashlight children can explore the fantastic forms that trace the artistic path of Pomodoro passing through rooms full of legends, mysteries and arcane symbols.
Entering the labyrinth you will be immersed in a timeless work that evokes ancient worlds and extinct civilizations, infused with the Mesopotamian atmosphere of the Gilgamesh Epic. Walking through kaleidoscopic geometries and monumental forms, you will be mesmerized by enigmatic monoliths, secret passages and arcane calligraphies. A journey into the mind of the Maestro, between reworkings of already known sculptures and forms still in progress.

the Labirynth isn't equipped with an elevator or stair lift,



IMPORTANT: tickets are not refundable and the date of the visit cannot be changed after it has been purchased.

The ticket includes entrance and guided tour

via Solari 35, c/o Show room Fendi
Giuded visit for children age 5/11, accompanied by an adult
Duration 60 min.
Free Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro members

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Via Solari 35, Milan