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In the foundry

Guided tour to Fonderia Artistica De Andreis.

Guided tour to the Fonderia Artistica De Andreis.
Arnaldo Pomodoro has always relied on the experience of the Fonderia De Andreis, one of the last still active. The Foundry was opened in 1964 by Giuseppe De Andreis after a lifetime of working in the most long-standing artisan workshops in Milan. In the hands of Giuseppe, known as "Pinella", the works of the greatest avant-garde Italian sculptors took shape: Arturo Martini, Adolfo Wildt, Giacomo Manzù, Marino Marini ... and even the doors of the Duomo.



max 20 people
Duration 60 min

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Fonderia De Andreis, Via Volturno, 67, 20089 Rozzano MI

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