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Look! I can see with my hands

Experiences for groups of blind adults and children.
The Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, inclusive by vocation, is committed to the development of diversified educational projects that are able to involve and satisfy broader audiences.

The educational section organizes visits, itineraries and workshops with special attention for the disabled, finding a way to meet the different needs with the coordinators.

In 2008 the Foundation launched the project
"Un Museo Senza Confini", a collaboration with the Istituto dei Cechi in Milan that offers blind people the opportunity to get to know Arnaldo Pomodoro's works in the way that is most natural to them, that is, looking at them with their hands .

With their varied surfaces, alternating between emptiness and fullness, the Maestro's sculptures involve all of the senses: in addition to being visually unique, they also offer an unparalleled tactile experience.

With the project
Un Museo Senza Confini, the decades of experience of the Istituto dei Ciechi was put at the service of museum education to develop exclusive and completely free guided tours. The Institute's guides have designed specific tactile itineraries for children and adults.

After a brief historical-artistic introduction supported by tactile slabs, visitors will be able to explore the works exhibited at the Foundation and the scale models of the sculptures that are currently located in the most important squares in the world.

At the end of the tour, the adults will visit Arnaldo Pomodoro’s studio and discover the tools, materials and techniques of the trade; children and young people will be involved in an educational workshop to create a small sculpture with their own hands, following the same procedure as the Maestro.



Duration 3 h.

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Via Vigevano 9, Milan