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After the virtual reality experience Labyr-Into and the Digital tour, the Foundation continues on the path undertaken for some years to encourage an ever wider knowledge and accessibility of the work of Arnaldo Pomodoro. Now, in collaboration with WAAM and Dramatrà, the Foundation has developed two new interactive visits that are like "boardgames": you can do them wherever you are, at home, on the beach, in the park... you just need a laptop and little more!

WAAM | Kids Phone Visit "Entering Arnaldo Pomodoro's Labyrinth" - Art tales to discover an artist through a creative activity to do together!
Il labirinto di Cnosso - KIDS activity 4-6 y.o. >> in ITALIANO 🇮🇹
Caratteri cuneiformi - KIDS activity 7-11 y.o. >> in ITALIANO 🇮🇹
Cuneiform writings - KIDS activity 7-11 y.o. >> in ENGLISH 🇬🇧
Caracteres cuneiformes - KIDS activity 7-11 y.o. >> en ESPAÑOL 🇪🇸

DRAMATRÀ | Dramagate "To Pomodoro... and beyond" - A treasure hunt to locate Pomodoro's works scattered in every corner of the globe!!
ADULT ACTIVITY (15-99 y.o.)

DIGITAL TOUR | "Discovering the labyrinth of Arnaldo Pomodoro" - the Foundation's first digital tour, an interactive journey to discover the environmental work Entering the Labyrinth!

VIRTUAL REALITY | LABYR-INTO. Inside Arnaldo Pomodoro's Labyrinth - explore the 3D version of Arnaldo Pomodoro's environmental work: a work on the work, as well as inside the work!


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