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Middle school

Come lavora un artista? Quali tecniche utilizza per realizzare le sue opere? Con questa proposta la Fondazione mira ad incrementare l’unione tra due realtà fondamentali per l’accrescimento culturale della nostra società: la scuola e l’ente culturale per facilitarne il contatto e lo scambio. Un modo per avvicinare bambini e ragazzi all’arte moderna e contemporanea utilizzando un approccio laboratoriale ed esperienziale; esplorando le regole della creazione e la conoscenza degli artisti. L’intento è di creare un legame mirato con le scuole perché l’approccio all’arte divenga un fatto naturale e sia un elemento che si inserisce nella progettazione quotidiana della scuola. Un’azione didattica che può arricchire il settore legato all’educazione all’arte, non tralasciando il fondamentale aspetto espressivo e linguistico.

Visita Open Studio

Open studio-guided tour

A guided tour that opens a special space to the students, the workshop and a place for reflection and the work of the Maestro, designed by Vittorio Gregotti at the beginning of the 80s, in continuous evolution. It will be possible to enter the labyrinthine corridors and discover the secrets of sculpture with the help of materials, tools and archival videos, in dialogue with the figure of Arnaldo Pomodoro. The tour ends with a visit to the current exhibition at the Foundation.
When: monday, wednesday, fridayWhere: Via Vigevano 3, Milano (cit 061)
Colata in gesso

Casting in plaster

Going into the labyrinthine spaces of Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio, manipulating clay to create your own sculpture…
We will experiment with the "negative" technique with which Arnaldo Pomodoro realizes his sculptures, starting from a clay plane on which he imprints abstract marks characteristic of his work, already imagining the final shape, composed of protrusions and recesses, rhythmic and chaotic elements on the surface.
When: monday, wednesday, fridayWhere: Via Vigevano 3, Milano (cit 061)
Il foglio come scultura

Paper as sculpture

Create your own composition for a relief print with recycled objects and a press inside Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio!
In the course of this workshop we will experiment with this procedure, alternating theory with practical activity: we will observe the Maestro's graphic work and the techniques of artistic engraving, from classical to more experimental ones, and we will learn how to make a work of art in series.
The students will create their own matrix from a rigid base. Then they will create a composition by assembling shapes and objects, prepare the print register and the paper and print using the manual press. The pressure of the press will turn the surface of the paper into a sort of bas-relief.
At the end of the workshop, each student will have a small series of signed and numbered prints.
When: monday, wednesday, fridayWhere: Via Vigevano 3, Milano (cit 061)


A walk around Milan to discover the sculptures of Arnaldo Pomodoro and the places that house them.
With the guidance of our staff, the Pomodoro sculptures will take us to some of the most secret and fascinating places in Milan, to get to know the Maestro's work closely.
It starts at the Conservatory and ends at the former headquarters of the Foundation in Via Solari 35, today the Fendi showroom, with a stop in Piazza Meda, Piazza Scala - inside the Gallerie d'Italia - and the Sala delle Armi at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum.

Where: Luogo di partenza Conservatorio di Milano
Il Labirinto di Pomodoro

Pomodoro's Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a mysterious and fascinating place: it is the symbol of the human mind and ingenuity, testing our perception of space and time.
Arnaldo Pomodoro built one in the form of sculpture: it is called Ingresso al Labirinto, inspired by the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh, the first epic poem of humanity, written in Sumerian characters on eleven clay tablets.
Students have the opportunity to experience this work and find out what happens by losing themselves inside of it.
We will enter in small groups, armed with a map, to explore secret rooms and passage ways. Immersed in a magical and timeless atmosphere, we will discover the marks of the Maestro and reconstruct his literary and figurative influences.
Where: via Solari 35, Milano
Laboratori Metodo Bruno Munari®

Laboratori Metodo Bruno Munari®

Where: via Vigevano 3, 20144 Milano (cit 61)
Open studio+Labirinto

Open Studio+Labirinth

Where: Via Vigevano 3, Milano


Arnaldo Pomodoro made dozens of sculptures all over the world, but how many of these are in Milan? Are you sure you know them all?
Where: Luogo di partenza Conservatorio di Milano