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Sculture da viaggio

Travel sculptures

Laboratorio Metodo Bruno Munari®
Where: via Vigevano 3, Milano, citofono 061
La stampa a rilievo

Relief printing

Create your own composition for a relief print with recycled objects and a press inside Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio! Workshop and guided tour in the studio of Arnaldo Pomodoro. When visiting the studio of Arnaldo Pomodoro we will find reliefs and drawings which serve as a starting point for creating a composition for a relief print with recycled objects and a press.
Where: via Vigevano 3, Milano, citofono 61
In Fonderia

In the foundry

Guided visit to the Fonderia artistica De Andreis. Arnaldo Pomodoro has always relied on the experience of the Fonderia De Andreis, one of the last still active. The Foundry was opened in 1964 by Giuseppe De Andreis after a lifetime of working in the most long-standing artisan workshops in Milan. In the hands of Giuseppe, known as "Pinella", the works of the greatest avant-garde Italian sculptors took shape: Arturo Martini, Adolfo Wildt, Giacomo Manzù, Marino Marini ... and even the doors of the Duomo.

At the De Andreis Foundry, now run by his son Franco and five new partners, Floriano Bodini bronzes, Alik Cavaliere trees and the most famous works by Arnaldo Pomodoro have been cast. This visit to the roots of sculpture making takes place in a workshop with a world renowned, unique style, and you will learn to distinguish the thin line that separates the artist from the craftsman.
Where: Via Volturno, 67, 20089 Rozzano MI
La colata di gesso

OpenStudio-casting in plaster

Going into the labyrinthine spaces of Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio, manipulating clay to create your own sculpture…A unique opportunity to enter the studio of Arnaldo Pomodoro and experiment with some artistic techniques. A monthly appointment that opens a special space to the city of Milan, the workshop and a place for reflection and the work of the Maestro, designed by Vittorio Gregotti between the 60s and the 70s, in continuous evolution.

Where: via Vigevano 3, Milano, citofono 061
Labirinto – visita adulti

The magic Labyrinth

A journey in the labyrinth has fascinated humankind since the dawn of time. With its narrow passages, dead ends, disorientations and reorientations, it is a place that we all have to pass through at least once in life. With Ingresso nel Labirinto Pomodoro transformed his creative journey into a physical experience made of bronze, fiberglass and copper sheets, in which inner turmoil becomes journey for to all visitors.
Where: Via Solari 35, Milano


A guided tour of the most emblematic places in Milan, to discover the works that Arnaldo Pomodoro has created for the city where he has lived and worked for over fifty years. From the moment they were designed, the Maestro's sculptures have been intimately connected to the city and its history. Underlying each creation is a new idea of monumental sculpture and the search for the dynamic relationship with the surrounding space. You will discover that Il Grande Disco, La Torre a Spirale and La Lancia di Luce are not only monuments, but also food for thought.
Where: Partenza dal Conservatorio di Milano