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14/03/2019 - 31/05/2019

Sophia Al-Maria

From 14 March to 31 May 2019, the Foundation hosts the solo exhibition of Sophia Al-Maria (USA, 1983), entitled Mirror Cookie.

Project Room #10
Sophia Al-Maria
Mirror Cookie

For the 2019 cycle of the Project Rooms, curated by Cloé Perrone, the Foundation presents three young international artists: Sophia Al-Maria, Caroline Mesquita and Rebecca Ackroyd.

None of these artists can be called a sculptress; each one uses the artistic medium within a multidisciplinary practice, expanding the definition of sculpture itself. Not treating it as a result but as a process, sculpture becomes a tool for building spatial environments of various kinds. The 2019
Project Rooms deal with issues of contemporary life and socio-cultural phenomena such as misogyny, apocalypse and national identity.

Sophia Al-Maria (1983, Tacoma - U.S.) is a Qatari-American artist, writer and filmmaker.
A fan of Bai Ling’s blog since the early 2000s, Al-Maria was curious about a recurring motif in Bai’s posts referencing ‘cookie’. For a long time Sophia assumed that this ‘cookie’ was a person, perhaps a secret lover. But in fact Bai was writing positive, loving self-affirmations.
The installation
Mirror Cookie (2018) takes a collection of Bai’s ‘cookies’ and organizes them into a disjointed monologue referencing the self-help practice of ‘mirror work’. This slowly becomes an impassioned improvisation delivered directly to camera, as if the fourth wall she is breaking is a reflection.


Special openings
Saturday 16 March, Saturday and Sunday 6 and 7 April, Saturday 11 May

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