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Perché la Fondazione, lungi dall’essere una struttura statica e conservativa, possa svolgere la funzione di un vero e proprio laboratorio inventivo, quasi sperimentale, rivolto così a costruire con gli artisti, i critici e il pubblico, un coinvolgimento profondo e globale — Arnaldo Pomodoro

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When Arnaldo Pomodoro decided to create a foundation 22 years ago, he had a precise idea: not just a simple container, but a large creative factory and a center for cultural production; a team working together, a meeting point for people, professionals, curators, artists, critics and ideas.

The Pomodoro Foundation was founded as a workshop, a "House of Sculpture" that offers art a space to reflect on itself.

Since then we have been committed to preserving the Maestro's works, making sure they are treasured and understood properly, and to supporting the experimentations of young artists, guaranteeing access to everyone.

The Pomodoro Foundation is open to everyone; it addresses not just visitors, but a network of enthusiasts who actively support study and research on contemporary art in Italy.

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The Coronavirus emergency is hitting everyone, even the Foundation, which has been forced to cancel many activities already planned, especially visits and workshops with Schools.

The temporary closure of our spaces, as well as the cancellation of many activities will greatly reduce the Foundation's income.

HELP us in the continuation of our activities:SUPPORT US with a small contribution.


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The Sfera Card Giovani is for people between 12 and 26, lovers of art and culture; if you are one of these people, with this card you will always be updated on exhibitions and events of the Foundation, you can make purchases in the bookshop with reduced rates on catalogs and articles and visit Arnaldo Pomodoro’s studio.

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If you are over 26 and you don’t want to miss any events, you won’t be disappointed: with the Sfera Card Appassionati you will receive exclusive invitations to exhibitions and initiatives, get to know the world of Pomodoro and enjoy discounts in some of the most important cultural institutions in Italy.

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One of the best ways to spend time with your family is to discover a museum. This membership offers you one more reason to do so: in addition to visiting the exhibitions at the Foundation, you get free access to all the activities planned for families, including workshops and guided tours, and take home exclusive gifts.

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If you feel more passionate and want to help us develop research and experimentation in a more concrete way, you can support the activities of the Pomodoro Foundation by choosing this membership. Among catalogs, gifts, exclusive invitations and guided tours, you will discover that supporting contemporary art enriches you not only in cultural terms.

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If you are a collector, a philanthropist or a patron, you can become part of our community of Promoters. Like them, you can play a significant role not only in all the activities of the Pomodoro Foundation, but also in the research on 20th century Italian sculpture.

In this way you will be an active part of our mission, giving you a year of preview exhibitions, meetings with artists and curators, facilities for you and your guests and a

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Sfera Card Imprese is the card designed for all companies that believe that supporting culture is a significant way to contribute to the development of our society and leave a mark on the territory.

The companies that are part of our circuit play an active and fundamental role, also involving their staff, partners and collaborators: thanks to their help, the Foundation is freely accessible to all visitors, keeps programming active and preserves the best work by Arnaldo Pomodoro.


I nostri sostenitori

  • Archivio Osvaldo Borsani
  • Assicurazioni Teglio di Paola Teglio e C. Snc
  • Avv. Davide Giovanni Daleffe
  • Maria Grazia Mazzocchi
  • Parco Termale Negombo – Ischia
  • Notaio Anna Ferrelli
  • Fondazione Bracco


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